Social media has taken off in the last decade because it gives us the feeling of connection that our screen time is really taking away. What qualities of your brand inspire your customers to allow your store to be a character in their lives? The most impactful social media content speaks to who we want to be, and what we want to feel. Here are some ways to be the best version of your brand on social media.



Consistency is key when you’re forming a relationship – or being an active member of social media. Your fans and customers not only want to be a part of the conversation, but they’re looking for you to keep coming around and be present. This doesn’t necessarily mean posting or commenting at all hours of the day – if you make a commitment to do at least something on social media every day, follow through on that.



People enjoy the content and conversation you publish because you’re – you. Being genuine and excited for what you’re passionate about makes others happy for you and even happier to follow you.



Posting consistently is part of the puzzle, but also responding in a timely manner helps your customers feel heard and appreciated. Commenting on a post, sending a message, and leaving a review is someone’s way of telling you how they feel, and should be reciprocated!

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