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Need extra marketing + production muscle?

Tilt/Shift offers B2B solutions for agencies or businesses looking to bolster their teams. From production assistance to brand execution, Tilt’s here to help make the magic happen.

Hi, I’m Megan Baumeister

I’m a communications specialist in all things brand design, production assistance, and campaign management. Tilt/Shift was originally built as a full-stack agency, but over the years, I’ve realized that other agencies sometimes need a subject expert or extra pair of hands to tackle a larger project that might sit outside of their current bandwidth.

With a robust background in content production, I’ll make sure you’re on-brand and on-point for what content is needed to bolster your campaign or ongoing marketing efforts. From pre-production planning to working with content creators to ensure the end product is to scope, I’ve probably created a spreadsheet or checklist for just about everything.

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Brand + Campaign Kits

Whether it’s a political cycle or a product launch, comprehensive campaigns can ensure your team can keep moving quickly and get the results you need.

We’ve all been left with a non-vector singular logo before with the task of having to build out an entire brand. Get a comprehensive kit and templates to churn out content and create brand continuity.

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Production Assistance

From pre-production planning and talent acquisition to storyboarding and final products, get the support you need to crush your upcoming project.

With a background in visual communications and over ten years leading a branding agency, I build detailed production schedules and shot lists to keep things running smoothly throughout the whole process.

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Finally, packaged content that checks every box, and then some.

Need a fresh set of eyes or some extra design chops for your next project or campaign? Tilt/Shift has extra brainpower to get the job done. Have everything you need from t-shirts to targeted ad designs to get the visual communications party started.

Already have a team? Great! I’ve worked with developers, ads specialists, PR firms, and design agencies across the US.

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