Cobranding is an essential part of community involvement, and these three small businesses are doing it right.

Sunlight Sports, Buffalo Bill Cody Races (BBCR), and Advantage Rehab have been rocking it in the cobranding arena — and becoming a community powerhorse.

These community-centered brands have been partnering up to bring the Big Horn Basin the best of both worlds: outdoor gear and beautiful races. And beer — can’t forget the beer.

In May, Sunlight Sports began its “Thursday Night Pints” event, offering a new beer on tap every week. Not only has this been a success for Sunlight, it’s also been an opportunity for community involvement for other brands like BBCR and Advantage Rehab.

In recent weeks, BBCR has come together with both Sunlight and Advantage to promote its Half Marathon and 10K coming up on Saturday, Sept. 22. The cobranded “Train for the 10K” event, held at Sunlight, was attended by more than 30 people and has encouraged people to begin running.

Another prominent Thursday group has been prepping for the race as well: Cody’s very own Running Crew. They show up. They run. And afterwards, they grab a pint at Sunlight. In fact, some of Running Crew’s best recruiting efforts happen at “Thursday Night Pints.”

To see three prominent Cody-based brands come together to promote community involvement is the best we could’ve ever hoped for here at Tilt/Shift. The more businesses co-brand with each other, the more success and community growth they will find throughout their business endeavors.

Sunlight, BBCR, and Advantage are doing it right. They’re finding ways to connect with each other while spreading the love throughout the community. So start networking, find your community connections, and go get ‘em tiger.


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